SWOLive garden


Short version: I'm Vino, I eat a lot of pasta, and this year I'm gonna get buff as h*ck on OG's food

still doing a blog?

Yes! But instead of small daily updates, I'll be writing one large one once a week. For those who crave daily updates, I'll update my twitter with greater regularity.

pasta reviews

Pasta is the heart and soul of this site and, indeed, my life. Reviews are definitely still a core part of the AllOfGarden brand, and you can expect dozens of them, complete with high-resolution photos.

i read carbs make you fat tho?!?!?!

I do not believe in carbohydrates, protein, or any of the other pseudo-scientific babble espoused by modern "nutritionists". Muscles come from two things: eating healthy and lots of Jumping Jacks.

healthy eating?

Specifically, eating Olive Garden, and nothing but Olive Garden.

and jumping jacks?

I've undergone literally months of deep web research, and isolated what many grade school gym teachers believe to be the world's most perfect exercise: Jumping Jacks.